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Discover the Benefits of BasisPro™
BasisPro helps you quickly track and calculate cost basis with a unique set of features and benefits, including:

Automated Cost Basis
Eliminate the headaches associated with missing or inaccurate information with advanced technology that rebuilds cost basis in milliseconds.

Realized and Unrealized Gain/Loss
Accurately track realized and unrealized gain/loss in a fraction of the time.

Personalized Tax Impacts
Quickly calculate reinvestment purchases, adjust the tax rate, and include income audits for more thorough, personalized results.

Historical Market Values
Access the detailed information you need by viewing the entire price history of a stock with one click.

Full Portfolio Analysis
Save time and reduce the risk of errors by importing an Excel® file of your clients' entire portfolios.

Customized Report Writer
Provide valuable insights to your clients by quickly generating customized reports and e-mails of the results.

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