BasisPro is a GainsKeeper product designed specifically as a cost basis solution for brokerage firms and back offices. BasisPro makes calculating cost basis easy by providing an application that analyzes detailed cost basis information for your clients and eliminates inaccuracies in cost basis reporting.

Capital Changes, a part of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, is the ideal complement for BasisPro, offering financial services, tax, and legal professionals a wealth of information ranging from key tax commentaries to opinions that determine gains or losses. With more than 100 years of historical data, Capital Changes provides the numbers on which BasisPro's calculations are based as well as the details behind the figures. It is the most trusted source for cost basis tracking and in-depth legal, tax, and accounting analysis of global corporate actions. BasisPro allows you to calculate complex cost basis for U.S. equities and mutual funds with just a few clicks, and Capital Changes helps ensure you understand how and why the calculations were made by showing the details behind the basis allocation. Click here to learn why so many leading financial services firms rely on Capital Changes.

Need BasisPro Solutions
Automate the time-consuming task of manually calculating cost basis Cost Basis Analyzer BasisPro saves time by quickly calculating the complete cost basis for any U.S. stock or mutual fund.
Prepare detailed, customized cost basis reports for clients Reporting With BasisPro, analyze entire portfolios at once and produce detailed customized reports for clients.