GainsKeeper for Advisors & Accountants

With GainsKeeper, advisors and accountants can use a single login ID to access all of their clients' GainsKeeper accounts. GainsKeeper provides the option to share access to specific client portfolios and to analyze and prepare individual gain/loss reports for each client portfolio, depending on the specific tax filing needs of your clients.

Need GainsKeeper Solution
Adjust cost basis of clients' investment portfolios Portfolio Tracking GainsKeeper automatically adjusts cost basis and gain/loss reports for wash sales and corporate actions.
Help clients maximize after-tax returns Portfolio Optimization With GainsKeeper's automated accounting and analytical tools, minimize your clients' taxes and increase their after-tax returns.
Prepare clients' Schedule D for tax filing Schedule D &
Other Reports
GainsKeeper tracks capital gains throughout the year and generates Schedule D for tax filing.