Portfolio Tracking

GainsKeeper provides advisors and accountants with the tools to offer tax lot accounting services to their clients.

Need Portfolio Tracking Feature
Tax lot matching GainsKeeper performs complicated capital gains calculations.
Processing wash sales GainsKeeper monitors and adjusts your clients' accounts for wash sales.
Adjusts cost basis for corporate actions GainsKeeper automatically adjusts the cost basis for corporate actions affecting your clients' portfolio.

Tax lot matching

Most brokerage firms do not provide investors with an accurate summary of capital gains and losses. Use GainsKeeper to track clients' cost basis and calculate their gains and losses. GainsKeeper identifies the tax lots sold, calculates gains and losses and categorizes these gains and losses as short- or long-term.

Processing wash sales

The IRS implemented the Wash Sale Rule to prevent investors from generating artificial losses to reduce their taxes. Brokers do not notify investors when or if they have wash sales so it becomes a manual process.

GainsKeeper identifies, calculates, defers and reverses wash sales. GainsKeeper will continuously monitor all brokerage accounts in your client's portfolio to identify wash sales, and automatically update cost basis and capital gain/loss reports for wash sales.

GainsKeeper calculates wash sales within individual securities traded long and short. GainsKeeper is able to adjust for wash sales across long and short holdings. GainsKeeper will not generate a wash sale if you sell an equity at a loss, and then open a call option for the same equity within the wash sale window. GainsKeeper will detect and adjust cost for wash sales across options of the same symbol.

If you sell a call option for a loss, and then purchase the same call option within the 61-day wash sale window, GainsKeeper will defer the loss and add it to the basis of the option. The same scenario applies for the sale and purchase of put options.

Adjusts cost basis for corporate actions

With over 8,000 corporate actions annually that affect a stock's cost basis, it can be time consuming for advisors and accountants to compute these laborious calculations for their clients. GainsKeeper automatically processes corporate action adjustments, requiring no manual calculations for advisors and accountants.