Schedule D & Other Reports

With GainsKeeper, investors can file their taxes easily and accurately and have all the necessary records in case of an IRS audit.

Need Reporting Feature
Complete Schedule D for tax filing GainsKeeper generates Schedule D.
Export tax information to tax preparation software GainsKeeper is compatible with the most popular tax preparation software packages.
Create custom gain/loss reports GainsKeeper has customized reporting tools, including Income/Loss Form 4797 for traders electing mark-to-market with the IRS.

Complete Schedule D for tax filing

Once an investor's trade history is recorded in GainsKeeper, capital gains and losses are tracked and a fully-populated IRS Schedule D and D-1 can be generated for tax filing. As long as you have entered the necessary transaction data in GainsKeeper, you can generate a Schedule D for any year from 1999 forward.

Export tax information to tax preparation software

From GainsKeeper you can export your Realized Gain & Loss Report to many tax preparation software packages, including CompleteTax®, TurboTax® and TaxACT®.

Create custom gain/loss reports

With GainsKeeper's custom reporting tools, investors can create many different HTML and PDF reports, such as non-taxable reports and custom date range realized and unrealized gain/loss reports. For active traders who have declared the mark-to-market election with the IRS, GainsKeeper will generate an Income/Loss Report that will supplement IRS Form 4797 for tax filing.