FundTax has a suite of dividend products for reporting qualified dividend income, dividend received deduction and dividend tax expense.

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Reporting for QDI, DRD and Dividend Tax Expense FundTax provides tools for reporting.

Reporting for QDI, DRD and Dividend Tax Expense

  • Qualified Dividend Income (QDI) Reporting: QDI reporting includes a calculation of the 61-day holding period requirement necessary to qualify dividends for favorable tax treatment. It also displays foreign and domestic qualifications and takes into account hedged positions as well as the resulting holding period reduction.

  • Dividend Received Deduction (DRD) Reporting: The DRD reporting functionality is designed to calculate the 46-day holding period requirement taking into account hedged positions and the reduction in holding period.

  • Dividend Tax Expense Reporting: Dividend Tax Expense reporting compiles the data required to report capitalized dividends and associated basis adjustments.